Best Smith Machine

Posted on July 14, 2011 – 19:36

There are tons of Smith Machines on the market that range in price form $350 up to $3000 dollars for club stlye conterbalanced smith machines.

So what’s the best smith machine for 2011 for serious iron pumping at home?

In order to answer that question, first I need to establish what makes a good smith machine.

If a smith machine doesn’t meet these criteria, it’s not worth buying:

  • heavy guage tubing w/ a long warranty
  • built-in selectorized weight stack
  • gunrack front lift-off points for free weight training
  • multiple bar catches (13 + is best)
  • linear bearing smith cage (no bushings, they bind)
  • high and low pulley cables w/ no change feature
  • 7 degree cage track for natural motion
  • built-in weight tree on frame
  • maximum system weight limit of 600 pounds minimum
  • must be able to buy online for best price

The only Smith Machine that meets the criteria above is the Body Solid 7 Series Smith machine pictured below…

Body Solid Series 7
Best Smith Machine – Body Solid Series 7

The Body Solid Series 7 is a serious smith machine for serious training. This thing is built like a tank and has every option you could possibly want on a smtih.

It’s built like a club quality smith machine with a solid frame, multiple liftoff and rack points, a built-in gunrack in front, selectorized 200 pound weight stack, a linear bearing smith carriage and a bulletproof lifetime warranty.

Don’t make the mistake of buying an inforior smith machine that runs on bushings because you can get one cheap at costco or online. The Body Solid blows those machines out of the water…

read my full Body Solid Series 7 Review

get the Body Solid Series 7 Smith on sale w/ free shipping


Thinking of getting an ab rocket

2011-07-12 16:39:27 by ClaxazyCaxatRaxadu

Stop me.

Have you ever bought anything from a TV ad? And how did it work out for you?

A-10, being retired (dumb) is the way to go

2005-04-19 19:03:10 by artsoup

(Cheap, effective, durable, proven, excellent at providing support to our troops on the ground, And We're Getting rid of them)

The A-10A
The only US fixed-wing aircraft stationed in Afghanistan and ready to provide responsive CAS is the Fairchild A-10A Warthog. Its minimal runway requirements and robust systems made it the ideal choice for deployment to Bagram Air Base ...for phaseout. Since its inception, the Hog has received only one major improvement—low-altitude safety and targeting enhancement (LASTE). Sold to the Air Force in the early 1990s as a safety improvement, LASTE gives the A-10 a continuously computed impact-point capability, thus dragging its weapon-delivery system from the World War II era to the Vietnam era.
Thanks to armchair for the link

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Solo con imágenes  — Radio Bío-Bío
El Ab Rocket ofrece una forma revolucionaria de trabajar sus abdominales inferiores, superiores y medios, e incluso sus costados, dandole el cuerpo que siempre ha deseado. ¡Con solo 5 minutos al día, el Ab Rocket pondrá sus abdominales en forma!

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  • Avatar soxoverxit What are your thoughts on the ab rocket twister?
    Jan 24, 2011 by soxoverxit | Posted in Diet & Fitness

    I was thinking about maybe purchasing the ab rocket twister. but is it really as effective as it claims to be? have you ever used/purchased one? i'm dying to lose weight. and i guess my biggest problem is self control. if you dont like the ab rocket twister or never used it.. do you have any other suggestions? (i.e. diets, workouts, etc.) anything that will help me get fast results? i get discouraged easily if i dont really see any results.

    • You say that your biggest problem is self control, same with me, except I wasn't trying to lose weight, I was trying to gain a bit more muscle so I would get then Presidential Fitness Award. So what I did... before I went … muscle and it worked really well, I don't know how fast you will get results but for me it didn't take a while. Also about the ab rocket twister, it's a total waste of money watch the video .

      Good Luck! =D